18 Mart 2010 Perşembe

The Wolf At Metallica's Door

James Hetfield'ın ilk kez bir biyografisi yayınlanıyor. Yazarı Mark Eglinton. Kitap ön sipariş almaya başlamış. Amazon link burada. Kitabın devamı da gelecek gibi görünüyor. Tanıtım yazısını koyuyorum.

The first and only biograpy of Hetfield, frontman of the biggest rock band of the modern era. Metallica's seat at the top table of rock is already assured. A huge part of their stunning transition from obscure thrash metal pioneers into globe-crushing rock megastars is singer, guitarist and co-songwriter James Hetfield, whose instantly recognisable and overwhelming presence has guided their every dramatic step. Brought up in an overtly religious household, by his early teens he was a keen fan of rock acts such as Black Sabbath and Motörhead. Working through the visceral thrash metal underground scene with Metallica, Hetfield exploded onto the global scene with that band's seminal eponymous fifth album and his place in the rock pantheon was cemented. However, behind the scenes was a complex band fronted by a genius who had his own personal battle to fight throwing the future of Metallica into considerable doubt. His subsequent blistering re-emergence as a re-invented rock legend is a personal and professional triumph; Hetfield's often misunderstood intellectual and warm personality allied to his stunning ability certainly deserves honest recognition The Wolf At Metallica's Door is the first book to chronicle this remarkable man's life. Author Mark Eglinton has compiled an exhaustive array of exclusive and first-hand interviews from key players in Hetfield's story, and in so doing has constructed the definitive biography on Metallica s frontman.

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